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Number of people in Limited Term Lect Employee Group: 1300
Maximum Salary:$ 127,246.04
Average Salary:$ 8,269.43
Minimum Salary:$ 2.38

Purdue University Salaries for 2014 Page 1 of 44
Name Department Employee Group Salary
Summers, Michele L WL - 4 Laf Stwd Limited Term Lect $ 127,246.04
Birchman, Judith A WL - Computer Graphics Te Limited Term Lect $ 115,816.82
Jayasuriya, Kumara NC - Mathematics Limited Term Lect $ 103,337.55
Steuver, Jodell K WL - Columbus Statewide T Limited Term Lect $ 102,497.85
Ahrens, Susan L FW - Continuing Studies Limited Term Lect $ 80,343.54
Dubec, Rose M CAL - Mathematics Comput Limited Term Lect $ 69,968.02
Jensen, Rebecca S FW - Continuing Studies Limited Term Lect $ 68,384.59
Willer, Lynda R CAL - Communication and C Limited Term Lect $ 63,794.20
Pan, Jaming CAL - Chemistry and Physi Limited Term Lect $ 61,955.12
Korchek, Dennis P CAL - Construction Scienc Limited Term Lect $ 61,361.58
Findsen, Leonore A WL - Statistics Limited Term Lect $ 61,112.04
Jacobson, Carol K WL - Department of Manage Limited Term Lect $ 60,016.50
Pierce, Kent A CAL - Behavioral Sciences Limited Term Lect $ 48,414.01
Walsh, Matthew P FW - Continuing Studies Limited Term Lect $ 46,171.26
Zimmerman, Lynn CAL - Teacher Preparation Limited Term Lect $ 45,557.50
Tooman, Meghan A WL - Statistics Limited Term Lect $ 42,612.00
Pierson, Edward S CAL - Electrical and Comp Limited Term Lect $ 39,027.36
Robinson, William C CAL - Engineering Technol Limited Term Lect $ 38,862.52
Kostrubanic, Robert M FW - Continuing Studies Limited Term Lect $ 38,783.26
Padfield, Jon R WL - PEC Distance Learnin Limited Term Lect $ 37,500.18
Terheide, Donald B WL - Department of Manage Limited Term Lect $ 37,486.91
Young, Laura D WL - Political Science Limited Term Lect $ 35,175.00
Fliegel, Adam S WL - Aviation Technology Limited Term Lect $ 34,513.99
Blohm, Craig CAL - Communication and C Limited Term Lect $ 34,423.52
Jenkins, Sharron K NC - Chemistry Limited Term Lect $ 33,835.04
Karabinus, Alisha D WL - English Limited Term Lect $ 31,662.60
Roach, Susan J CAL - English and Philoso Limited Term Lect $ 31,629.50
Caldwell, Charity A CAL - International Progr Limited Term Lect $ 31,500.40
Karcher, Brandon X WL - Communication Limited Term Lect $ 31,050.20
Wallen, Kryste M FW - Visual Communication Limited Term Lect $ 30,514.51

Lists of recent Purdue University searches of
NamesDepartmentsEmployee Groups
Haan, Jerome WL - Electrical and Limited Term Lect
Kachur, Daniel FW - Music Faculty
Wakefield, Susan WL - Horticulture and Lan Temporary Cler/Serv
Wakefield, Morganne WL - Vice President for H Clerical
Waitkoff, Gregory WL - 4Grills Admin/Prof
Springer, John WL - Civil Engineering Student
Wainwright, Polly CAL - 1AdvisingCtr Visiting Fac/Emeriti
Wainscott, Terri WL - Intercollegiate Athl Service
Waibel, Karis WL - Agricultural Economi Continuing Lecturer
Waibel, Andrea WL - Animal Disease Diagn Mgmt/Prof
Wahlstrom, WL - Linguistics Clin Res or NonTT

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