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Number of people in Limited Term Lect Employee Group: 1411
Maximum Salary:$ 86,012.65
Average Salary:$ 7,548.92
Minimum Salary:$ 64.94

Purdue University Salaries for 2012 Page 1 of 48
Name Department Employee Group Salary
Latour, Mickey A WL - PEC Distance Learnin Limited Term Lect $ 86,012.65
McCormick, Joseph P FW - Continuing Studies Limited Term Lect $ 68,190.64
Davis, Linda S WL - Chemical Engineering Limited Term Lect $ 60,905.42
Cook, Peter W WL - Mathematics Limited Term Lect $ 59,631.71
McAtee, James F FW - Management and Marketi Limited Term Lect $ 53,350.41
Abbott, Jeff H FW - Continuing Studies Limited Term Lect $ 49,742.33
Schreckengast, Stewart W WL - PEC Distance Learnin Limited Term Lect $ 48,083.79
Damusis, Vytenis B CAL - Behavioral Sciences Limited Term Lect $ 41,887.04
Diefendorf, Allan O WL - Speech Language and Limited Term Lect $ 41,465.74
Hayes, Nancy K CAL - Nursing Limited Term Lect $ 39,276.31
Martinez, Stephanie CAL - International Progr Limited Term Lect $ 38,750.18
Mulina, Tatjana CAL - International Progr Limited Term Lect $ 38,500.27
Hicks, William T WL - New Albany Statewide Limited Term Lect $ 37,120.46
Mikhail, Salam R FW - Physics Limited Term Lect $ 35,370.84
Devinney, Michele R FW - Continuing Studies Limited Term Lect $ 32,250.12
Sorensen, R S WL - Department of Manage Limited Term Lect $ 31,502.57
Cavacini, Ellen L FW - Academic Success Cen Limited Term Lect $ 31,304.53
Jenkins, Sharron K NC - Chemistry Limited Term Lect $ 30,879.04
Smith, Darryl P FW - Organizational Leade Limited Term Lect $ 30,600.03
Dranger, Phyllis NC - Department of Busine Limited Term Lect $ 28,706.99
de la Rue, Sarah R CAL - Chemistry and Physi Limited Term Lect $ 28,000.83
Hahn, Carol G FW - Music Limited Term Lect $ 27,287.57
Chowdhury, Dipak K FW - Geosciences Limited Term Lect $ 26,901.06
Aros, Jon CAL - Chemistry and Physi Limited Term Lect $ 26,900.22
Walley, Stephen R FW - Continuing Studies Limited Term Lect $ 26,760.60
Freeman, Christine L FW - Music Limited Term Lect $ 26,701.19
Tooman, Meghan A WL - Statistics Limited Term Lect $ 26,527.92
Goddard-Scovel, Eric M WL - English Limited Term Lect $ 26,492.21
Schroeder, Robert F FW - Fine Arts Limited Term Lect $ 25,849.27
Dyer, Alistair G WL - Technology Leadersh Limited Term Lect $ 25,561.47

Lists of recent Purdue University searches of
NamesDepartmentsEmployee Groups
Riley, Donna CAL - 1OffVetSvcs Limited Term Lect
Musser, Joy WL - Industrial and Physi Faculty
Hanks, Judith WL - 4WBAA Admin/Prof
Haniford, Frederick NC - Social Science Post Doc Intern Res
Becker, Megan WL - Sponsored Program Se Mgmt/Prof
Lese, Jana WL - Financial Aid Graduate Student
Sparger, Lori WL - 4Treas and CFO Service
Rodenbeck, Erik WL - Computer Science Continuing Lecturer
Jalomo, Veronica NC - Admissions Clerical
He, Miaofen WL - Graduate School Admi Clin Res or NonTT
Denham, Martin CAL - Information Service Operations/Technical

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