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Number of people in WL - 4Grills Department: 11
Maximum Salary:$ 48,882.90
Average Salary:$ 20,727.86
Minimum Salary:$ 4,091.06

Purdue University Salaries for 2014 Page 1 of 1
Name Department Employee Group Salary
Thompson, Diana L WL - 4Grills Mgmt/Prof $ 48,882.90
Packer, Stephanie A WL - 4Grills Service $ 30,693.09
Westfall, Katherine M WL - 4Grills Admin/Prof $ 29,047.45
Orona, Raul G WL - 4Grills Service $ 25,969.28
Sharkey, Judith A WL - 4Grills Service $ 25,284.64
Ellrich, Michelle WL - 4Grills Service $ 20,410.02
Miller, Mary Ellen X WL - 4Grills Service $ 14,276.68
Sprau, Arline M WL - 4Grills Service $ 13,150.25
Slusser, Michael C WL - 4Grills Service $ 9,562.48
Baker, Caroline A WL - 4Grills Temporary Cler/Serv $ 6,638.61
Suhendro, Kimberly WL - 4Grills Temporary Cler/Serv $ 4,091.06

Lists of recent Purdue University searches of
NamesDepartmentsEmployee Groups
Rodda, Patricia WL - 4Grills Continuing Lecturer
Hyde, Dan WL - Bursar Student
Jones, Owen WL - Business Office Heal Admin/Prof
Dukes, Jeffrey FW - Institutional Resear Visiting Faculty
Danaher, Denise CAL - Central Heat-Cool Clerical
Hasler, Morgan WL - 4Dir Advis Faculty
Gardner, Elizabeth FW - Engineering and Techno facult
Elizalde, Noemi WL - Patti and Rusty Rueff Operations/Technical
Martinez, Mary WL - Chemistry Temporary Cler/Serv
Stanfield, J WL - SVPAT Admin Limited Term Lect
Wade, Courtney WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof

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McCormick, Andrew
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Props, Abigail
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Veenhuizen, Amanda
Frazier, Christopher
Conrad, Tamara

Random Employee Groups from Purdue University
Post Doc
Continuing Lecturer
Limited Term Lecture
Fire/Police Mgmt.
Fire/Police BW Sal
Non Pay