Salary record for William Wood E
YearDepartmentEmployee GroupSalary
2015 NC - Safety and Security Police Hourly $ 37,162.67
2016 CAL - University Police D Police Hourly $ 50,466.82
2017 CAL - University Police D Police Hourly $ 56,521.44
2018 CAL - 1Univ Police Police Hourly $ 58,803.75
2019 NC - NC University Police Police Hourly $ 59,526.02
2020 NC - NC University Police Police Hourly $ 4,290.52

Lists of recent Purdue University searches of
NamesDepartmentsEmployee Groups
Wood, William WL - McCutcheon Residence Post Doc Intern Res
Riley, Jackelyn NC - Public Safety Admin Clerical
Lee, Sarah WL - Materials Management Service
Phillips, Robert WL - Boiler Television Admin/Prof
Jang, Julie WL - Consumer Science Temporary Cler/Serv
Shoup, Ronald WL - Ofc of International Faculty
Shrewsberry, Micah WL - Veterinary Clinical Temporary
Mosson, Karen WL - Birck Nanotechnology Student
Letcher, Mark WL - School of Hospitalit Operations/Technical
Bishop, Amy CAL - Department of Biolo Fire/Police BW Sal
Fortman, Susan FW - 2Athletics Limited Term Lect

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Navarro, Jessica
White, Valerie
Vaughn, Sarah
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Harding, Gene
Brahmasrene, Tantatape

Random Employee Groups from Purdue University
Limited Term Lecture
Police Hourly
M/P Professional
Fire/Police BW Sal