Salary record for Cheryl Wolever L
YearDepartmentEmployee GroupSalary
2011 FW - College of Education Clerical $ 47,827.60
2012 FW - College of Education Clerical $ 48,807.76
2013 FW - Educational Studies Clerical $ 49,176.50
2014 FW - Educational Studies Clerical $ 49,088.00
2015 FW - Educational Studies Clerical $ 51,470.67
2016 FW - Educational Studies Clerical $ 51,290.04
2017 FW - Educational Studies Clerical $ 52,256.00
2018 FW - 2SchoolofEdu Clerical $ 54,925.93

Lists of recent Purdue University searches of
NamesDepartmentsEmployee Groups
Wolever, Cheryl FW - 2Odv Temporary Cler/Serv
Dimmitt, Deborah WL - Woodland Management Temporary A/P
Dietrich, James WL - Woodland Management Service
Chakraborty, Piyas WL - Woodland Management Mgmt/Prof
Delks, Barry WL - Woodland Management Limited Term Lect
Davis, John WL - Women In Engineering Fire/Police Mgmt
Davis, Darla WL - Women In Engineering Fire/Police BW Sal
Datta, Sumon WL - VPHR Information Tec Fire/Police Admin
Curd, Patricia WL - Throckmorton-Purdue Faculty
Connelly, Ashlee WL - Throckmorton-Purdue Admin/Prof
Colpean, Sandra WL - Throckmorton-Purdue Clin Res or NonTT

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Random Employee Groups from Purdue University
Fire/Police Mgmt
Fire/Police BW Sal
Non Pay
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