Salary record for Steven Wagoner D
YearDepartmentEmployee GroupSalary
2013 WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof $ 29,883.20
2014 WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof $ 89,433.48
2015 WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof $ 92,156.36
2016 WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof $ 97,000.20
2017 WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof $ 100,605.96
2018 WL - 4Field Ext Mgmt/Prof $ 104,734.56
2019 WL - Field Extension M/P Management $ 124,674.68

Lists of recent Purdue University searches of
NamesDepartmentsEmployee Groups
Wagoner, Steven WL - Intl Prog in Ag Faculty
Wang, Xuejing WL - Shreve Residence Hal Service
Heinz, Jaclyn WL - Agronomy M/P Professional
Sommers, Karil CAL - Engineering Technol Admin/Prof
Johnson, E CAL - PoliSci/Econ/WL Intern
Ukkusuri, Satish WL - Tarkington Residence Visiting Faculty
Fekete, Emily WL - College of Agricultu Limited Term Lecture
Morris, Pamala NC - The College of Engin Student
Evans, Robert WL - Sports Performance facult
Zhao, Bingxin FW - Computer Science Limited Term Lect
Bakelar, Jeremy WL - 4ITIS Non Pay

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Random Employee Groups from Purdue University
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