Salary record for Christian Oseto Y
YearDepartmentEmployee GroupSalary
2011 WL - Entomology Faculty $ 165,320.34
2012 WL - Entomology Faculty $ 164,770.25
2013 WL - Entomology Faculty $ 165,126.66
2014 WL - Entomology Faculty $ 167,130.78
2015 WL - Entomology Faculty $ 170,946.78
2016 WL - Entomology Faculty $ 175,564.86
2017 WL - Entomology Faculty $ 179,710.68
2018 WL - 4Entomology Faculty $ 189,128.33

Lists of recent Purdue University searches of
NamesDepartmentsEmployee Groups
Oseto, Christian WL - College of Engr Admi Faculty
Vartanian, Lesa WL - Engr Entrepreneurial Clerical
Varney, Daniel CAL - 1AlumAffairs Service
Sallee, Leroy WL - Dean of Students Admin/Prof
Plank, John WL - 4Success Temporary Cler/Serv
Cai, Hua WL - Horticulture and Lan Limited Term Lect
Walker, Philip WL - Department of Health Continuing Lecturer
Varma, Meghna FW - Operations and Mainten Student
Vostral, Sharra WL - 4RCAC Mgmt/Prof
Krishnan Muthaiah, Vijay Prakash FW - Political Science Clin Res or NonTT
Sparger, Lori FW - Philosophy Post Doc Intern Res

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Random Employee Groups from Purdue University
Temporary A/P
Post Doc Intern Res
Limited Term Lect
Fire/Police Mgmt
Visiting Fac/Emeriti
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