Salary record for Masoud Mojtahed
YearDepartmentEmployee GroupSalary
2011 CAL - Mechanical Engineer Faculty $ 114,793.65
2012 CAL - Mechanical Engineer Faculty $ 118,983.45
2013 CAL - Mechanical Engineer Faculty $ 119,897.66
2014 CAL - Mechanical Engineer Faculty $ 120,311.91
2015 CAL - Mechanical Engineer Faculty $ 123,129.43
2016 CAL - 1MechEngCiv Faculty $ 126,538.29
2017 CAL - 1MechEngCiv Faculty $ 120,312.43
2018 CAL - 1MechEngCiv Faculty $ 124,577.44

Lists of recent Purdue University searches of
NamesDepartmentsEmployee Groups
Mojtahed, Masoud WL - Business Office Agri Clerical
Teets, Jessica CAL - Physical Facilities Service
Newton, William WL - Office of Investment Admin/Prof
Scorof, John CAL - Accounting and Budg Clin Res or NonTT
Sudhoff, Scott CAL - Communication and C Mgmt/Prof
Eller, Leslie FW - Theater Continuing Lecturer
Turkstra, Jeffrey WL - Office of Government Faculty
Meiser, Jerry CAL - 1DisAccess Limited Term Lect
Tyler, Jan WL - School of Hospitalit Visiting Fac/Emeriti
Kim, HyungJoo WL - Electrical and Post Doc Intern Res
Kuhaneck, Victoria WL - EM Operating Temporary Cler/Serv

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Random Employee Groups from Purdue University
Limited Term Lect
Temporary Cler/Serv
Non Pay
Post Doc Intern Res
Fire/Police BW Sal
Police Hourly
Visiting Fac/Emeriti