Salary record for Christopher Gillam J
YearDepartmentEmployee GroupSalary
2011 WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof $ 51,125.68
2012 WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof $ 102,787.08
2013 WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof $ 104,845.32
2014 WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof $ 106,107.24
2015 WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof $ 107,967.72
2016 WL - Field Extension Educ Mgmt/Prof $ 112,723.72
2017 WL - Field Extension Educ Admin/Prof $ 108,572.88
2018 WL - 4Field Ext Admin/Prof $ 104,637.00

Lists of recent Purdue University searches of
NamesDepartmentsEmployee Groups
Gillam, Christopher WL - 4Chemical En Admin/Prof
Schlotfeld, Bailey CAL - 1Psychology Mgmt/Prof
Schlene, Eric WL - Linguistics Clin Res or NonTT
Schlegel, Sylvia WL - EM Operating Limited Term Lect
Parker, Kristina CAL - 1Mngr Study Temporary Cler/Serv
Schinckel, Allan WL - 4Poly Anders Service
Schimmel, Jay WL - 4Fire Dept Visiting Fac/Emeriti
Schillo, Jennifer WL - 4Wiley Dine Temporary A/P
Jamieson, Leah WL - 4Interc Athl Student
Schilling, Peter WL - Mathematics Fire/Police Mgmt
Schieler, Larry WL - School of Management Fire/Police BW Sal

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Random Employee Groups from Purdue University
Non Pay
Visiting Fac/Emeriti
Clin Res or NonTT
Fire/Police BW Sal
Fire/Police Mgmt
Limited Term Lect